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Ongoing training for continuing growth

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RIVA is excited to partner with QRCA on three 60-minute webinars led by Jo Ann Hairston that will help qualitative professionals level up their skills. These webinars will improve attendee’s guides, help quallies go deeper to get better information from respondents, and enhance the way focus groups are run.

February 3 at 11 am ET for Managing Group Dynamics

This webinar will focus on best practices regarding how to start a focus group, and how to maintain control once the group has started.  This webinar will cover.

  • The secret to “icebreakers” and building rapport quickly
  • Managing thought leaders
  • Inviting shy respondents to participate
  • Breaking rapport and closing the group
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What to expect from RIVA webinars

RIVA offers an opportunity for qualitative researchers to enhance their skills via webinars. Our webinars provide insights on a variety of qualitative market research trends, concerns, tips, and techniques. The live 60-minute format allows for the honing of particular skills, and an opportunity to interact with our RTI Founders or trainers online. They will be bringing more than 50 years of combined experience and insights from over 10,000 focus groups. You will find the benefits of this small investment will be immediate in your qualitative career.

We’re working on new webinars — check back soon!