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Secrets of a Master Moderator book cover.
THIRD EDITION / By Naomi R. Henderson, Founder, RIVA

Secrets of a Master Moderator

“Third time is a charm,” is an old adage and is never truer than evidenced by this book edition. The reader will find eight new articles, plus the addition of a glossary of terms and an index.

SOMM [the short name we call the book] spans nearly 35 years of Naomi’s experiences as a moderator and a trainer of qualitative researchers. It covers a full range of QREs [Qualitative Research Events] from IDIs to extended groups.

There are tools, tips, and techniques for moderators who run the gamut from novice to seasoned and it grapples with knotty questions and concerns that affect those working in market research environments.

We are proud to announce that SOMM is now a textbook at the University of Arkansas in the marketing department, and students say they find value in the “real world experiences” reported.

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More about the book

The book is organized in three parts – each with multiple sections; the reader can read them in order or randomly, as each article stands alone.


• Section I: Qualitative Research Factors
• Section II: The Role of a Moderator
• Section III: Demystifying Focus Groups


• Section I: Working Effectively with Respondents
• Section II: Toolbox: “Power Tools”
• Section III: Analyzing Qualitative Data & Reporting Results
• Section IV: The Client’s Role


• New is Not Always Better
• Maxims for Moderators
• Never Too Late to Learn A Good Lesson


The book is not intended to be a training manual. Rather it is a compilation of insights, wisdom, and lessons hard learned over more than three decades. Naomi does not profess to have “the answer” or “the way” when it comes to planning, conducting, or evaluating qualitative research. What she does have are her experiences and she has written about what she found to be of value, based on work in the industry since 1978. By writing this book, Naomi is happy to pass that value on.

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