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RIVA Training Institute

RIVA Training Institute

Take your Qualitative Skills to the next level

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Unparalleled expertise, built into courses that transform

Our gold standard collage.

RIVA Training Institute, founded in 1982 by Naomi Henderson and her sister, Jo Ann Hairston, meets the growing demand for qualitative research training, including moderating, facilitation, and related skills such as analysis and report writing. As a minority and woman owned business, RIVA has grown to become the “Gold Standard” to which all others are compared in the Qualitative Research industry.

RIVA believes that moderating and qualitative research skills are based on a science platform and executed as an art, much like the services performed by a medical doctor or an architect. To that end, we believe that excellence is only achieved by a combination of learning and application and to return to “learner’s mind” from time to time, to upgrade a skill set.

RIVA training services not only benefit researchers, moderators and facilitators, but clients and end-users of qualitative research. Understanding qualitative research methodology and techniques, allows clients and end-users to better choose best times to utilize in-house staff vs. trained vendors to meet their qualitative research needs.

RIVA offers an array of courses, seminars, webinars and distance learning opportunities to suit a variety of training needs. Beyond our public offerings, RIVA is also available to specifically design a training for a client’s unique needs on site at their offices or via distance learning.

RIVA is an accredited provider of CEUs through IACET.
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The RIVA approach to training
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Immersive Experiences

Our small classes mimic a real moderator setting, and our students get hands-on practice.

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Growth at Any Level

From initial curiosity to advanced skills, RIVA courses offer a continuum of career growth.

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Informed by Qualitative Work

Our trainers are also practicing moderators, channeling new insights back to our courses.

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A Quick guide To OUR COURSES:
  • Browse or filter to find your next course.
  • Learn about the course and any pre-requisites.
  • Register for the course online.

Take a course...or two, or three!

RIVA courses offer the most comprehensive path toward mastery of qualitative market research skills. No matter where you are in your career—from novice to expert—RIVA has courses designed to help you reach your next goal.

We offer all our courses regularly, add new courses as the field evolves, and provide ongoing support and growth opportunities for all our students.

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Reasons to choose a custom course?
  • Customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Save time and dollars on employee travel by having our instructors come to you. Provides for a solid return on your training investment
  • Each custom client is assigned a dedicated team of training professionals who assist with logistic management and class support
  • Ensures that all staff learns the same material at the same time
  • Fosters teambuilding within your organization and/or department
  • Boosts morale and illustrates to your staff that their training needs are important to you
  • Gain instant credibility with your clients. RIVA is recognized for being the elite organization for qualitative training.

Our trainings, tailored to your unique needs

For much of the last 40 years, the RIVA Training Institute has been described as the “gold standard” in qualitative moderator training. This term was created by RIVA students, not RIVA staff. RIVA courses are renowned for their experiential 360-degree training conducted by skilled moderators and trainers. We have a high trainer-to-student ratio that supports RIVA’s dedication to giving students individualized coaching that they need over the training days.

Clients find that training their team together has many benefits vs. sending staff members to a public class. Few of the reasons to hold a custom training vs. sending employees to a public class is the learning is a team event and there is calibration that can be done with each other once the training is over. As well, for some keeping staff local and sending trainers to the client location can be cost effective. Other reasons can be explored with our staff to determine if a custom course is right for your company. The RIVA Training Institute offers customized courses that can be conducted in-house at your office location, a facility or meeting space convenient to you, or online via Zoom.

Many clients ask us to train one of our public classes just for them and others are looking for us to design a training that meets their training needs. RIVA’s philosophy is to teach one qualitative method at a time. For example, we can train staff how to conduct IDIs, but we cannot train them how to conduct IDIs and Usability at the same time. They are two very different methodologies and learnings that are best taught one at a time.

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Bring RIVA’s insights to your event

Bring RIVA’s Voice to your next event! RIVA’s Trainers are renowned in the field of qualitative market research. Our trainers bring their unique style fused with the RIVA Method and experiences to every speaking engagement. Some previous discussion topics include: moderating sensitive topics, DEI in market research, mastery in moderating, the best way to ask questions, and so much more.

To schedule keynote speaking, contact Amber Tedesco at or 301-770-6456 x 101

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RIVA Works With Globally-Recognized Brands Like: